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Brian Zinck


Brian Zinck is the founder and head-innovator of ZINCKTWICE 

- and an expert in Developing New and Innovative Products and Concepts

​Throughout his entire life Brian has worked within the field of innovation, development and inventions. One of Brian´s most profound skills is to link existing technologies and create new and improved products – and that is exactly what ZINCKTWICE is all about.

On one hand; Brian is a tornado that expands the perspective of most people. He works in a quick and spontaneous way with the ability to combine complex problems to individual solutions.

On the other hand; He is the eye of the hurricane with a sharp, targeted and analytical way of thinking, always the center of events and an anchor of stability when surrounded by chaos.

Brian Zinck has always had a constant focus on activities that keeps him in good physical and mental shape. Karate has played a big role in his life (black belt for over 30 years) and also diving, running, cycling, weight training, fencing, skiing and water skiing has caught his attention - both as a practitioner and as an instructor.


Products in the making

Vin Decanter

To the Wine Lovers

The product that allows you to store your newly opened wine for several months

- and keep the good taste

venner Party

To Cold, Cozy Nights

The product that allows you to enjoy the cool evenings - in the garden, on the beach, on the boat - everywhere

Deling af mad

To the Love of Food

The product that allows you to keep your food
fresh and nutritious

- until the very last bite

Latest Products

TV direktør på settet

For the Love of TV

The TV program that allows you to expand your knowledge and business opportunities

- and so much more

Parrets Feet in Bed

To love bedbugs 

The product that enables you to sleep safe without attracting the small bugs

- anywhere, anytime


The Love of Learning

A lecture that will allow you to learn more about yourself, the essence of life

- and the world around you

gourmet Meal

the love of hot meals

The product that keeps your meal warm and delicious

- until the very last bite

Wild Forest Fire

To love fire fighting 

The product that extinguishes large fires even at long range

- anywhere, anytime

Book Stack

The Love of learning 

The book that will allow you to learn more about yourself, the essence of life

- and the world around you



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